School Facilities

Class Rooms

Class rooms are spacious well ventilated having all kind of teaching aids. Distance from the blackboard and proper arrangement of the furniture and comfort of the child is ensured.

Projector Room / Audio Visual Room

The School has separate Audio Visual room with all kind of monitors, Television , OHP and LCD projectors. These equipments are constantly used for showing various academics and entertainment programmes to the student

Smart Class

Smart Class is a digita inisiative Solutions. This inisiative endeavors to make available a vast resource of knowledge content to each class throughan interactive multimedia white board, thereby forecastinga better understanding and igniting a life long love of learning.

Computer Lab

The computer Technology has a deepp impact on impact on education. It is an essential component in curriculum of school. Gaining computer educationis the need of the hour. Thus, Chandanvan Public School will provide computer education from primary class onward.


Chandanvan Public School provides students with the Library and Recource center with a wide range of books . Along with that library will be provided by the computer for e-learning recources covering all subjects for both staff and the students. Chandanvan Public School morden librarieswill provide unrestricted access to information from many sources.

Transport Facilities

School runs its Transport System to the children from Home to School as per below :

  1. The child who opt for school transport will have to avail the the facility for the full session can not leave in between mid of session
  2. No mid-session withdrawals are allowed In case of mid-session withdrawal he/she has to pay transport fee for the remaing session .
  3. Parents are requested to bring their children to specified bus stops at least five minutes before the given time. bus shall not wait for any child.
  4. Children will have to mainyain discipline in the buses . In case of nuisance by the child , the child's bus facilty can be discontinued by the school.
  5. Children will observe that they do not get Slang/un-social language in the bus and they do not get engage in altercation or beat with other students , parents or staff.
  6. In case of my inconvenience from transportation , kindly inform the office.
  7. Own transport children who bring cycles , and two-wheelers shall pay Rs. 100/- and Rs. 125/- respectively .
  8. Transport fee may be revised during session in proportion to fuel hike.